Welcome to my blog! My name is Shauna.

A little about me:

 I'm a 26 year old bookseller in a little-big city in the South.  I work at my city's one and only indie bookstore, but I've been working at bookstores for over 7 years.  In 2015,  I started a book blog on tumblr, which introduced me to an amazing community of bloggers.  My blog gained a good bit of popularity, but I felt my original posts were sometimes lost in the dashboard format of tumblr. I wanted a home for my reviews, photos, and videos, and thus this blog was born.

I enjoy fantasy and magical realism over all genres, but I've gotten less picky about what I'll read. In the last year or so, supporting and promoting marginalized voices has become incredibly important to me, so I prefer to read #ownvoices and diverse stories. You can send queries to b00kstorebabereviews@yahoo.com, but please check my review request page first. 

I have a fat cat named Clementine, a bunch of tattoos, and my hair is almost constantly changing colors.  I am literally always surrounded by books, whether at work or at home. I'll read/watch anything that has to do with witches.  I have the most beautiful bookshelves and I will defend color coding to the death.

I'm a pretty cool lady and I really love books, so if you love books too, you should subscribe!

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