Sunday, March 12, 2017

In The Name of the Moon DreamCrate

I'm sure y'all have heard of Loot Crate before. It's a geeky subscription box where you receive a set of geeky items that follow a theme from any book, movie, or game! They have boxes for every fandom you can think of, and they are asking fans to put together their DREAM Loot Crate, filled with anything their heart desires.

My theme? IN THE NAME OF THE MOON. This box embodies my aesthetic perfectly: it's witchy, feminist, & Sailor Moon related. 

Without further ado, here is my Dream Crate! 

  • Also by Paulina Gancheau are these super cute Zodiac Starforce crystal necklaces. I got one at HeroesCon last year and I absolutely adore it. She was out of the Opalite when I went so I settled for quartz. 

  • On the subject of enamel pins, here's one I'd love to include in my DreamCrate! It's made by misfitl0ve on Etsy

And that's it! My Dream Crate. Thanks for reading!

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