Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Book Review: We Awaken by Calista Lynne

We Awaken by Calista Lynne


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  

We Awaken is the story of Victoria Dinham, a lesbian ballet dancer living in New Jersey.  Victoria's father is dead, her brother is in a coma, and her mother has checked out mentally.  All Victoria has to look forward to is her audition for ballet school.  Until she meets Ashlinn.  Ashlinn appears to her in a dream, and soon she realizes that Ashlinn is much more than a dream—she is a sandman of sorts.  She's responsible for all good dreams, and she has fallen for Victoria.  As Ashlinn and Victoria spend time together, Ashlinn helps Victoria realize something that changes her forever—she's asexual.  

First and foremost, this book is incredibly important for anyone who is confused about what asexuality is, or anyone who thinks they might be ace.   It explains this lesser known and often erased sexuality in very clear terms, in a way that's easy to explain to others and to comprehend.  We have such a distinct lack of ace characters in literature and for that reason, this book is a triumph.  The book contains explanations and examples, as well as many potential reactions.  For example, Victoria's friend is hyper-sexual, and it takes her some time to understand what it means to be ace.

The plot of the book is where I really struggled.  The writing was dreamy and beautiful, but the actual story was not very well developed.  This book is short—about 180 pages.  It's more of a novella or short story than a full length novel.  Going into it expecting a novella would have made it easier for me to overlook some of the plot points I didn't care for.  

Overall, this book was lovely, dreamlike, cute, a little bit nerdy, and fun.  

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